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Guide Bozcaada İlhan Akşit

Guide Bozcaada

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Guide Bozcaada
Guide Bozcaada
T.C. Çanakkale Valiliği
47 s, renkli resimler, İngilizce. Bozcaada is an either island town of Çanakkale is also the single town which has not any village. It is highly attracting with its castle and harbour. The bunch of grapes seen in ancient period of Tenedos coins indicate that viniculture goes long way back. You should try to experience grape harvest by staying in vineyard houses. The coasts, bays and beaches of Bozcaada are crucial. The island has twelve coves and between these coves there are eleven bays including “Liman Bay, Değirmenler Bay, Poyraz Harbour, Çanak Harbour, Kocatarla Harbour, Lagor Harbour, Ayana Harbour, Ayazma Bay, Sulubahçe Bay, Habbeli Bay”. There are diving tours organized in those bays. Ayazma Bay is spectacular with its spatial beach and deep blue sea.