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The Spirit of Dickensian Style
The Spirit of Dickensian Style
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The Spirit of Dickensian Style is a book that contains the analysis of certain stylisticfeatures and linguistic data of Charles Dickens's five short stories in Christmas Books (1852). The stories of Dickens were stylistically analyzed under the categories defined by Leech and Short (Style in Fiction, 1981) within four headings: grammatical analysis, lexical usage, analysis of figures of speech and of narration. As a great observer, reformist and spokesman of his age, Charles Dickens artistically combined his messages with his stylistic preferences in his masterpieces. Although ‘Stylistics'is the main core of this book, the aim of The Spirit of Dickensian Style was not to arrive at totally new interpretations of Dickens's works through reducing his style to a mechanical objectivity. Rather, the aim was a literature-centered stylistic analysis to show how Charles Dickens presented his social messages related to the issues of Victorian Age.