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The Old Bridge (Stari Most) in Mostar Amir Pasic

The Old Bridge ( Stari Most ) in Mostar

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The Old Bridge ( Stari Most ) in Mostar
The Old Bridge ( Stari Most ) in Mostar
IRCICA Yayınları
Built in 1556 by the Ottoman architect Hayreddin, the Old Bridge in Mostar was admired by everybody for its beauty and technical perfection. After having survived many wars for centuries, the bridge was shelled thousands of times by Serbian artillery starting from April 1992 and by Croats starting from May 1993 until it was finally brought down on 9 November 1993. This work by Dr. Amir Pasic is a historical and technical study of the Old Bridge. It is largely illustrated with colour photographs and technical drawings. Reviews "In this small volume the tragedy of former Yugoslavia is recounted in the fate of the Stari Most. The author believes that if we want to rebuild a multi-cultural Bosnia-Herzegovina we have to reconstruct first the buildings, mosques, churches and of course bridges; all structures that will survive our short human lives and will be there as physical signs to future generations that a pluralist society is possible." Islam and Christian - Muslim Relations, Vol. 8, no. 1 (March 1997)