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The Neolithic in Turkey
The Neolithic in Turkey
Arkeoloji ve Sanat Yayınları
The Neolithic in Turkey 10500-5200 BC: Environment, Settlement, Flora, Fauna, Dating, Symbols of Belief, with views from North, South, East and West

Lee CLARE, Bernhard WENINGER -The Dispersal of Neolithic Lifeways: Absolute Chronology and Rapid Climate Change in Central and West Anatolia
Neil ROBERTS - The Climate of Neolithic Anatolia
İlhan KAYAN - Paleogeography of the Coastal Regions of Turkey During the Neolithic Period
Peter KUNIHOLM - Dendrochronological Investigations in the Anatolian Neolithic and Chalcolithic
Joris PETERS, Benjamin S. ARBUCKLE, Nadja PÖLLATH - Subsistence and beyond: Animals in Neolithic AnatoliaRené
T. J. CAPPERS - Archaeobotanical Evidence of Agriculture in Neolithic Turkey
Eva ROSENSTOCK - Like a Su Böreği: Settlements and Site Formation Processes in Neolithic Turkey
Svend HANSEN - Neolithic Figurines in AnatoliaOfer BAR-YOSEF - Southeast Turkish Neolithic: A view from the Southern Levant
Barbara HELWING - East of Eden? A Review of Turkey's Eastern Neighbors in the Neolithic
Hermann PARZINGER - Neolithic Anatolia as seen from the North
Catherine PERLÈS - Neolithic Anatolia as seen from the West