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The Book of Five Rings Miyamoto Musashi

The Book of Five Rings

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The Book of Five Rings
The Book of Five Rings
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“...In China and Japan practitioners of the Way have been known as “masters of strategy”. Warriors must learn this Way. Recently there have been people getting on in the world as strategists, but they are usually just sword-fencers. The attendants of the Kashima Kantori shrines of the province Hitachi received instruction from the gods, and made schools based on this teaching, traveling from country to country instructing men. : : This is the recent meaning of strategy. In olden times strategy was listed among the Ten Abilities and Seven Arts as a beneficial practice. It was certainly an art but as a beneficial practice it was not limited to sword-fencing. The true value of swordfencing cannot be seen within the confines of sword-fencing technique...”