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The Art and Architecture of Islam 650 - 1250 Richard Ettinghausen

The Art and Architecture of Islam 650 - 1250

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The Art and Architecture of Islam 650 - 1250
The Art and Architecture of Islam 650 - 1250
Yale University Press
This is the second edition of what is probably the standard reference work on Islamic art and architecture, originally written by two of the most eminent scholars in the field and published in the 'Pelican' series as The Art and Architecture of Islam,650-1250. Owing to Ettinghausen's untimely death, the sections on art were reorganized and rewritten by Marilyn Jenkins-Madina, research curator of Islamic art at New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art. Oleg Grabar rewrote his chapters on Islamic architecture. This edition divides the period into two sections: Early Islamic art, c.650 to c.1000, and Medieval Islamic art, c.1000 to c.1250. Within these divisions, there are three geographic subdivisions Central, Eastern, and Western which are further subdivided into the categories of architecture and architectural decoration, art of the object (as opposed to decorative arts) , and art of the book. In the later period, there are some interesting sections on Saljuqs, Artuqids, Zangids, and Ayyubids in Iraq, Anatolia, Syria, Palestine, and Egypt. It is difficult to do justice to this magnificent volume in a short review. It is an authoritative, highly readable, and beautifully produced work that should please specialists and educated readers alike. The photographs are plentiful and clearly reproduced, and many architectural drawings and plans illuminate the topic under discussion. The bibliography and index to the bibliography are very helpful, and notes appear at the end of the book. Highly recommended for academic and larger public libraries.