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Terrace House 2 in Ephesos

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Terrace House 2 in Ephesos
Terrace House 2 in Ephesos
Homer Kitabevi
Located in the city center of Ephesos and spanning 4,000 m² of prime real estate, Terrace House 2 was a luxurious apartment complex built in the Roman imperial period. Seven exquisitely furnished apartments stretch across three terraces, their excellent state of preservation making it possible to admire columned courtyards, dining halls, and reception rooms with impressive marble revetments, mosaics, and wall paintings. Buit during the reign of Emperor Tiberius in the early first century AD Terrace House 2 was inhabited until the late third century when it was completely destroyed by a severe earthquake. Today the unique monument is protected by a modern roof construction. An elevated walkway over the site makes it possible for visitors to gain insight into the daily life of the urban elite, while finds are exhibited in the Efes Müzesi in Selçuk. This short guide leads the visitors through Terrace House 2, decribes the monument and points out many interesting but hidden details. The rich illustrations make it possible for the viewer to relive his or her visit of this extraordinary example of Roman domestic architecture long after returning home.