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Privatization & The Turkish Experience Coşkun Can Aktan

Privatization & The Turkish Experience

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Privatization & The Turkish Experience
Privatization & The Turkish Experience
Seçkin Yayıncılık
This book aims, first to analyze the theory of privatization in general and second, to specifically explore the privatization experience of Turkey. This book contsists of two parts. In Part One, five papers explore the theoretical background of privatization. In Part Two, there are three papers dealing with the Turkish economy, public enterprices and privatization.

Konu Başlıkları:
The Theory Of Privatization: An Introduction To The Theory Of Privatization
Intellectual Origins Of Privatization
The Rationale For Privatization
A Normative Analysis Of Privatization: Which Public Goods Should Be Public
Regulation And Control Vs. Deregulation And Decontrol
The Turkish Experience Of Privatization: Turkey: From Inward – Oriented Etatism To Outward – Looking Liberal Strategy
Public Economic Enterprises In Turkey
The Privatization Of Public Economic Enterprises In Turkey