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Mostar 2004 Program 1994-2004 Final Report Amir Pasic

Mostar 2004 Program 1994 - 2004 Final Report

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Mostar 2004 Program 1994 - 2004 Final Report
Mostar 2004 Program 1994 - 2004 Final Report
IRCICA Yayınları
This is a cumulative report on the activities and results of IRCICA's ten-year program of architectural workshops entitled “Mostar 2004”. The workshops were organized during the Summer months, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, except the first two, 1994 and 1995 workshops which were held in İstanbul, Turkey. During each academic year between two workshops, the collaborating architectural faculties held studios and/or assigned theses relating to the subjects of the program, with special reference to Bosnia and Herzegovina – study, restoration, conservation of cities and buildings. These activities brought together a large number of professionals and students from various countries, thus forming a network of people and institutions contributing to the preservation of heritage. The workshops involved 823 participants from 31 countries. The teachers and students came from 68 universities. This comprehensive report gives the gist of the large volume of research, data and documents resulting from the program.