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Love Is Something Beautiful

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Love Is Something Beautiful
Love Is Something Beautiful
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When people ask him: “If only we have a dervish lodge...”, Hz. Mevlânâ replied: “The world is a dervish lodge.” When they asked: “Who will enlighten us?” he said: “For that, you have Masnavî.” Everything that happens in life presents a lesson to us; as long as we can see. As long us we learn how to see things from the right perspective, study hard on the teachings of that lesson and make our lives easy with the learnings. Some people take the Mevlevî path for a philosophy, but it's not. It is a journey of the soul. It is a path to find knowledge on how to balance the inner and outer aspects of our lives. That balance carries us further. It is what we learn from Hz. Mevlânâ's teachings in the Mathnawi and his other works. Our family works to be of service, following the path that Hz. Pîr set for us. Neither our ancestors, nor our father, or we held back from serving others. Since we were born into this family, we must keep this culture alive, up-to-date, and pass it on to future generations...