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Living in Turkey
Living in Turkey
Thames and Hudson
The rise and fall of great empires – Hittite, Byzantine, Ottoman – has brought a mosaic of influences to bear on Turkish design. Living in Turkey draws aside a veil of privacy to lead us into Turkey's carefully hidden interiors. We see houses that have evolved to suit local conditions and needs, from the earthen dwellings of Cappadocia to the stone masonry of Anatolia. In Istanbul, modern life is tinged with the colours of ancient cultures and past times. Old wooden buildings dream in huge gardens along the Bosphorus; angular modern apartments are softened by kilims and accessories; in every house are Turkish coffee-pots, handmade embroideries and coloured glass. Throughout, spectacular colour photography invites us to share in the enjoyment of these decorative marvels, bringing us closer than ever to the design and architecture of this entrancing culture Yayın Dili İngilizce