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Everyday Life in Istanbul Ekrem Işın Everyday Life in Istanbul Ekrem Işın Everyday Life in Istanbul Ekrem Işın

Everyday Life In Istanbul

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Everyday Life In Istanbul
Everyday Life In Istanbul
Yapı Kredi Yayınları
On the map of human existence. Istanbul throughout the age of empire
represented the administrative power center. Rome, Byzantium and the
Ottoman Empire each took its place in history as a ring of civilization
that formed around this center. To view history from this perspective
means to read the story of humanity in its pages and, in a sense, to
rediscover each time this dazzling star that shone in the skies of
Anatolia, the Balkans and the Mediterranean. As mankind discovered
Istanbul, it also discovered itself as a passionate traveler on the road
leading back to its own past. Istanbul today is a treasurehouse where
all our lost values are carefully preserved. A compass for our social
identity that has lost its way, a touchstone for our decaying aesthetic
taste, a trustworthy scale for our degenerating sense of justice -
Istanbul can assume all these roles while at the same time generously
offering us a human experience and store of knowledge capable of
answering every question put to it.

Everyday Life in Istanbul is a collection of striking images along a
journey back to the roots of the Turks' social identity. A work
embracing the history of an imperial city in a plane where Man, Culture
and Space relate to each other, it is a noteworthy example of the new
historiography, which sets up a balance among the social sciences. With
its unique style and its theoretical framework set against a
multi-dimensional background extending from politics to culture, from
architecture to literature, it is at the same time a contemporary
historian's gift to our city.
(Arka Kapak)