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Don't Be Mad At Me! Serdar Aslan

Don't Be Mad At Me!

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Don't Be Mad At Me!
Don't Be Mad At Me!
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Yes, when I'm talking about this, they become angry; but this is better than going bankrupt of companies or increasing unemployment. It is a book written in a chatty manner which could be read easily... For employees or/and employers and executives, to improve their works by more sustainable and healthier way; for new executive candidates when they are at the bottom of the ladder, to be more fair executives by the help of hints from the one who followed the same steps; including methods of marketing for consumers. Whatever their jobs, this book has the atmosphere which could be related with every single worker. The book called “Don't Be Mad at Me!” by Serdar Aslan focuses on institutional world together with marketing areas in a critical manner addresses to variety of people from different backgrounds.