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Current Approaches in Biology
Current Approaches in Biology
Akademisyen Kitabevi
Chapter 1 As An Extreme Habitat For Plants: Gypsum Soils Chapter 2 As An Extreme Habitat For Plants: Serpentine Soils Chapter 3 Dna Barcoding Studies İn Plants Chapter 4 Usage Of Plants To Provide Inclusive Design İn Urban Areas Chapter 5 Genetic And Ecological Adaptation Mechanisms Of Tardigrades Chapter 6 Antimicrobial Resistance Problem: Target And Resistance Mechanisms Chapter 7 Green Synthesis Of Metallic Nanoparticles And It's Biomedical Applications Chapter 8 Gene Sequencing Strategies Chapter 9 Phylogenetic Analysis: A Brief Overview Chapter 10 a New Model Organism For Regeneration, Spiny Mouse (Genus: Acomys) Chapter 11 The Place Of Opiliones in Habitat Chapter 12 The Short Notes on Biology Of Solifuges And Taxonomic Approaches To Solifuges Of Turkey (Solifugae, Arachnida)