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Cornucopia Issue 56 Brave Old World

Cornucopia Issue 56 Brave Old World

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Cornucopia Issue 56 Brave Old World
Cornucopia Issue 56 Brave Old World
Caique Publishing

Inside the issue

People A Life in Tents, by Christian Tyler. [available online] PRIVATE VIEW: A tribute to the late author John Freely, by Andrew Finkel [extract available online]

DESIGNS ON THE EMPIRE: Pieter Coeke van Aelst, by Annick Born [extract available online]

A HAVEN IN THE LEVANT: Life in a Lebanese Fishing Village, by John Carswell [extract available online]

CULTURE SHOCKS: Andrew Finkel feels the pain at the Istanbul Biennal [available online]

Places Aphrodite's City, by Patricia Daunt. [available online] Good Vibrations Local Colour: Yeldeğırmeni, by Katie Nadworny. Photographs by Monica Fritz [available online] The City of a Thousand and One Churches, by Robert Ousterhout. Photographs by Brian McKee [available online]

Views and Reviews LAWRENCE OF ANATOLIA The young T E Lawrence by his biographer Anthony Sattin [available online]

UNDERGROUND PERSPECTIVE Cappadocia revealed, by Henry Maguire [available online] HOW IT FELT TO BE THERE Love and Politics in Seventies Istanbul, by Maureen Freely [available online]

MADNESS IN MOTION A case of magic realism, review by Katie Knadworny [available online]

DRAMAS IN THE DUST Ahmet Ersoy on the sad fate of John Henry Haynes [available online]Wine and Food

TURKEY'S WINE RENAISSANCE: The Revival of Native Grapes, the latest report by Kevin Gould [extract available online]

JAM TOMORROW Berrin Torolsan on ambrosial apricots [extract available online]

Regulars CONNOISSEUR: Fahrenissa Zeid's paintings, Scythian Gold, early photographers VILLAGE VOICES, by Azize Ethem [extract available online]

LETTER FROM ANATOLIA, by Roger Norman [extract available online]

EATING OUT, by Andrew Finkel [extract available online]

Connoisseur THE DAZZLING PRINCESS by Zeynep Uzuner [extract available online]