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Cornucopia Issue 54 Dive into Summer

Cornucopia Issue 54 Dive into Summer

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Cornucopia Issue 54 Dive into Summer
Cornucopia Issue 54 Dive into Summer
Caique Publishing

Inside the issueTravel Beauty and the East Landmarks of Van: a 42-page journey around Lake Van with the writer and photographer Brian McKee [extract available online]

Aegean Journal Christmas in Ruins: a journey through classical Turkey, by Francis Russell [extract available online]Secret Istanbul On the Threshold of a Dream The Sultan's Bosphorus pavilion, by Berrin Torolsan [extract available online]

A World Beyond the Walls Wildflowers of the city, by Andrew Byfield [extract available online]

Going with the Flow Swimming through Istanbul, by Alice Greenway [extract available online]

Portfolio A Bellini for the Sultan A quest for Gentile Bellini's lost portraits, by Rosamond E MackConnoisseur Ottoman Jewellery, Thomas Hope's original drawings, Saleroom Highlights [available online]

Books Wooing the Ottomans: Elizabethan England's designs on the Islamic world. [available online]

Iznik to dream of: two weighty tomes on Iznik ceramics. Tim Stanley reviews the truly magnificent new catalogue of the Ömer Koç Iznik Collection and a new handsome volume on 'Damascus' Iznik [available online]

Conquest and chaos: Eurasia's role in history. The Power of Love: new translations of two iconic Turkish novels. From Red Army conscript to CIA fixer: the enigmatic Rusi Nazar

Counterfact Enver Pasha's Fond Farewll The lost letter, by Norman StoneCookery Bread of Heaven Tirit – a sweet and savoury treat, by Berrin Torolsan [extract available online]

Regulars Private View by Andrew Finkel, [extract available online]

Village Voices by Azize Ethem, Jazz by Emma Harper, Eating Out by Andrew Finkel, Letter from Anatolia by Roger Norman