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Cornucopia Issue 50 Istanbul Unwrapped

Cornucopia Issue 50 Istanbul Unwrapped

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Cornucopia Issue 50 Istanbul Unwrapped
Cornucopia Issue 50 Istanbul Unwrapped
Caique Publishing

Inside theissue

The Sultan'sCity

  1. From Palace to Bazaar
    The Hill of Dreams – TopkapıPalace, The Ottoman Heyday, Sultanahmet and the Hippodrome, Spending Spree, The GrandBazaar
  2. The Port, Markets and Mosques
    Full Steam Ahead – Eminönü and the Süleymaniye, Sinan'sMasterpieces
  3. Around the Golden Horn
    The Horn of Plenty – Yavuz Selim Mosque, Eyüp, The Rahmi M Koç Museum, Aynalıkavak Kasrı, The Landwalls

The ByzantineCity

  1. Byzantium's Legacy by Robert Ousterhout

    A History of Byzantium in Ten Objects, Ayasofya, The Church of the Chora, Church of Saints Sergius and Bacchus, Church of The Theotokos Kyriotissa, Monastery of the TheotokosPammakaristos


  1. Decked in Splendour
    Gencer Emiroğlu on the newly restored sultans'barges
  2. Magic Movements
    The pianist AyşeDeniz Gökçin, by TonyBarrell
  3. Urns to Yearn For
    Griselda Warr enters an Aladdin's cave of Anatoliantreasures


  1. Photographic Memories
    Tim Cornwell reviews Robertson, Photographer and Engraver in the OttomanCapital
  2. The True Orientalist
    Norman Stone reviews Visions of the Ottoman World in Renaissance Europe and Venetians inConstantinople
  3. Secrets and Lies
    Jason Goodwin reviews Maureen Freely's new book Sailing ThroughByzantium
  4. Monument to Beauty
    Patricia Daunt on Aphrodisias VI, The Marble Reliefs from the Julio-Claudian Sebasteion
  5. Exile in Paradise
    Rupert Scott reviews The Fisherman of Halicarnassus, by RogerWilliams
  6. Istanbul Redrawn
    Merijn Schepens reviews Gijs Kast'sBaşiboş

Food andWine

  1. Bean Vivant
    Turkish beans by BerrinTorolsan
  2. Wine Notes
    by KevinGould


  1. Letter from Anatoliaby Roger Norman.
    Forgotten History by David Barchard.
    State of the Arts
    by Tim Cornwell.
    Village Voices
    by Azize Ethem.
    Eating Out
    by AndrewFinkel