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Caricatures from the Ottomanas Nihat Yalçın Caricatures from the Ottomanas Nihat Yalçın

Caricatures from The Ottomans

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Caricatures from The Ottomans
Caricatures from The Ottomans
Rumuz Yayınevi
Caricature is the exaggerated illustration of a person, a character or an action
They are the sources reflecting the period in the purest way and shed light on the many fields of the socila, economical and cultural life.
You will set out a journey through the time while reading the caricatures that we have chosen from Otoman newspapers and magazines and you will find the understanding and actions of our ancestors in these deep jokes.
Some of these caricatures date from The Otoman Empire Era (before 1923) and some date from Rebuplic period (after 1923). They are gegarded as the accumulation of the same culture; therefore are not separated.