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Byzantium, 330 - 1453 ( Hardcover )

Byzantium, 330 - 1453 (Hardcover)

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Byzantium, 330 - 1453 (Hardcover)
Byzantium, 330 - 1453 (Hardcover)
Royal Academy of Arts Publications

In this magnificent book exploring the artistic and cultural riches of Byzantium, eminent scholars lead a thrilling visual tour of the history and cultural developments of more than a thousand years of Byzantine art, revealing Constantinople's endless splendors. From icons, wall paintings, mosaics, and manuscripts to ivories, metalwork, and jewelry, numerous artifacts reveal the distinct style and character of Byzantine art. Highlighting over three hundred works from the collections of the holy monasteries of Sinai and Mount Athos, the Treasury of Saint Mark's in Venice, and museums and institutions across the globe, this landmark publication--which accompanies a spectacular exhibition--explores the artistic identity of this turbulent empire and its influence on European and Islamic traditions.