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Balkans: A Mirror of The New International Order %20 indirimli Günay G

Balkans : A Mirror of the New International Order

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Balkans : A Mirror of the New International Order
Balkans : A Mirror of the New International Order
Eren Yayıncılık

Editors and Contributors 9
Foreword 13
Introduction 17
Kemali Saybaşılı
1 An Example of Balkan Diplomacy: Ottoman Foreign Policy
During the Bulgarian Independence Crisis, 1908-1909 37
Hasan Önal
2 Ottoman Legacy in the Balkans 55
Maria Todorova
3 National and Regional Identity in Southeast Europe 75
Alexandru Dutu
4 Political Culture in the Balkan States during
the Interwar Period 85
Wolfgang Hopken
5 Turkish National Identity, Turkish Nationalism, and the Balkan Question 101
Tanıl Bora
6 Nationality in the Balkans: The Case of the Macedonians 121
F.A.K. Yasamee
7Nationalism in Serbia 133
Ivo Banac
8 Bosnian Muslims: Historical Background and Present Conflicts 153
Smail Balic
9 The Kosovo Problem and Disintegation of Yugoslavia 161
Muhamedin Kullashi
10 Problems and Prospects for Croatia 171
Mladen Stanicic
11 Bosnia-Herzegovina: the Laboratory of the
New International Order 177
Robert Anciaux
12 Changing Bulgaria in the Changing Balkans 189
Ekaterina Nikova
13 Greek Security Challenges in the 1990s 197
Theodore Couloumbis and Prodromos Yannas
14 Romania and the Security Problems in the Balkans 215
Valeria Tudor
15 Did Genscher Disunite Yugoslavia? Myths and Facts
about the Foreign Policy of United Germany 221
Heinz Jurgen-Axt
16 Russia and the Balkans 243
Albert Sergeyevich Chernishev
17 British Foreign Policy after the Cold War: The Case of
Former Yugoslavia 245
Brian White
18 Regional Security in the Balkans and the Role of Turkey:
an Italian Perspective 257
Luciano Bozzo and Rodolfo Ragionieri
19 Continuity and Change in Turkish Foreign Policy in the Balkans 281
Gencer Özcan
20 Turkish Diplomatic Initiatives for Bosnia-Hercegovina 295
Şule Kut
21 Military Imbalances and their Adverse Effects in the Balkans 317
Süha llmar
22 The Balkans and Turkey: a European Sideshow 321
Dirk Jan van Baar
23 The EC and the Balkans Today 327
Michael Lake
24 Europe and the Balkans: the New Challenge 333
Simon Petermann
25 Conflicts in Former Yugoslavia: Some General Lessons and Conclusions 339
Hanspeter Neuhold
26 Is It Possible in a 'Balkanizing' World to Have Less Balkanization in the Balkans? 347
Osman Olcay

This book is a by-product of an international symposium organised by the Department of International Relations, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences of Marmara University, under the title'Balkans and Turkey in the Changing International Order: Problems and Prospects' that was held on 24-26 April 1993
(Arka Kapak)